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Khanom Rabab House

(+98) 9134245141
Poodeh village, Dehaghan

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  • Showers
  • Wifi
  • Possibility to order special food
  • Common w.c
  • Cooling Heating System
Policies & disclaimers

1-10  persons: 730000 IRR per peron

11-20  persons: 644000  IRR  per person

Property description

 Khanom Rabab ecological house is located in Poodeh village of Dehaghan in Isfahan. the trditional environment gives the possibility of ordering local foods and visiting tourist attractions mentioned as following:

Tourist attractions of Dehaghan

  • The old bazaar

This bazaar is one of the bazaars with no roof, actually its roof was made of tree leaves which was very climatic and economical.

  • Jameh mosque of Dehaghan

This mosque is also known as "Haj-Mirza-Baba" mosque and is estimated to been built in Safavid era or early Qajar. The mosque has an entrance hall, a small yard, a columned prayer hall with an ornamented pulpit, decorated with Safavid and Qajar paintings and plaster engravings demonstrating Islamic patterns. On the roof, there exists a sundial to show the prayer times.

  • Mir mosque

This mosque was built in late Seljuq or early Ilkhanid era. It is located in the middle of the bazaar, north of the Jameh mosque. Today, due to rain and snow humidity is getting destroyed.

  • Sultan Muhammad mausoleum

The mausoleum is a newly built building with a simple flat roof, in which there is a complete gravestone along with a small part of another gravestone. The tomb is estimated to be built in 755 A.H. and is located next to bazaar.

  • Hussein-Gholi Khan Attayi traditional mansion

This mansion is estimated to be a Zand mansion and belonged to the governer of the time in that region. The construction materials are mostly adobe and bricks.

  • Satl bridge

The bridge is believed to be a Safavid one transferring water from east of the river to the west.



room 1 - 01

Max people: 4
Price:644,000 ریال
4people capacity, shared bathroom
room 2 - 02

Max people: 6
Price:730,000 ریال
6people capacity, shared bathroom
room 3 - 03

Max people: 10
Price:730,000 ریال
10people capacity, shared bathroom

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