free walking tour isfahan

Free walking tour Isfahan is something that you may be faced with when you travel to this beautiful amazing city. There are many groups of tour guides who prefer to show you Isfahan through free walking tours without receiving any money. This is an action through which you could be familiar with Iranian and especially Isfahani culture, traditions, ways of living and norms of life in the city. As the name of tour indicates, you will visit the sites by walking in historical texture of Isfahan.

Isfahan Free tour will show you the local lifestyle, stories, jokes and facts. It will give you an introduction on how to take the most out of your time in Isfahan so we suggest it would be the first thing you do when you arrive in this historical city. To do this, you should search in different tourist web sites before you travel to Isfahan and select your favorite tour guide and make essential coordination before coming. In such websites, usually you can see the photo of the tour guide whom you are going to spend time with in Isfahan as well as other essential characteristics like the languages they know, their age and etc. you can also refer to TripAdvisor website to check best free tours in Isfahan and then make a decision in this regard.

free walking tour isfahan

Advantages of free walking tours in Isfahan

The benefits of walking tours are endless! Not only are they best way to meet other tourists from other countries, especially if you travel alone, but they’re also often free from charges for visiting places. By walking, you can get exercises, and you won’t miss details like street art or interesting restaurants and cafes. You’re much more likely to go in different buildings and don’t have to compete with engines to hear the guide. You can see things more closely, experience public transportation, and go through small alleys. Since you can look at a map while you walk, you can also get an idea of where you are in the context of the city. Briefly, your guide should show you all the key places in a city, and help you see some hidden gems during this free tour.

While finding good tours is an essential case, it’s difficult to trust any kind of information. If you find someone who has taken a tour, you can be much better informed of the city. The benefit of finding someone in person to talk to is that you can get an idea of what kind of things they like to do when they travel. Are they a history buff? No wonder they liked the tour, which focused on the city’s history. If you’re not, though, you need to know. This is a great benefit of reading a review online from someone that you don’t know at all and is to accompany you to the tour.

free walking tour isfahan

As the name indicates, free walking tours are often cheaper than other ones. They are not completely free because they expect you to give a tip, of course! You can search for how much to pay them in Isfahan.

In order to make enough money, tour guides will often give you some free things in exchange for a sales pitch by a local restaurant or shop in the city. In Isfahan for example, guides will take you to some handicraft shops or even workshops to help you buy the best souvenirs and then they will receive a tip or percent from seller in turn. In this way, both tourist and tour guide have made benefits.

where to go in Isfahan by free walking tour?

We suggest you to go to ancient context of the city including the Seljuk square and the alleys around because there you can find many interesting old shops, restaurant and workshops; briefly, we can claim that you will meet the original Isfahani culture closely. Another part of city that you should visit through walking is New Julfa district in the south of Isfahan city. It is really beautiful and full of attractive cafes around an old square called Julfa square. There, you can also visit some churches made by Armenian people who migrated to Isfahan at the time of Shah Abbas Safavid.

If you are so lucky to find a very cool guide, you can also visit interesting sites outside the city

free walking tour isfahan