The best 20 things to do in Isfahan

The best 20 things to do in Isfahan is suitable for passengers wants go to Isfahan.Dear passenger, when you enter Isfahan please don’t lose any 1 minute to visit this amazing city called “Half of the World”. For a complete visit of Isfahan, I think 1 month or more is needed; however, if you are a tourist from long distances and don’t have much time, please follow me to tell you “ the best 20 things to do in Isfahan” while your trip to this ancient city so as to enjoy the most in the least time.

traveling to isfahan

traveling to isfahan is safe and exiting. The best 20 things to do in Isfahan include:

1- First of all, go to Jameh Mosque of Isfahan to visit the masterpiece of Iran and world’s architecture. This mosque bears 14 historical periods within itself and includes 11 entrances, 14 Mihrabs and 16 Shabistans (spaces for resting and praying)
2- Go to Naghsh-e Jahan Square and see the main masterpiece of Safavid era. When you enter the square, first, the dignity of it attracts you…having a walk around, now it is time to go to each part separately; I mean Jameh Mosque of Abbasi on the southern part of square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque on the eastern part, Alighapoo palace on the western and Qeysarieh Bazaar on the northern part. Each monument has its own history and beauty. Try surely the night of Naghsh-e Jahan, it is amazing!
3- Visit old Bazaar and its different parts. Did you know that Iranian old bazaars include different mysterious parts like Saraa, Timche, schools, mosques, and so on? Watch everywhere and be familiar with economical system of ancient Isfahan.
4- Go to handicrafts workshops; make coordination with a tour guide and go to handicraft workshops to see closely what Isfahani artists do with some metals or woods etc. see workshops of enamel, etching works, engraving, Kalamkari and so on. Don’t lose it!
5- Buy souvenirs! Souvenir shopping from Bazaar of Naghsh-e Jahan is an unavoidable section of your trip to Isfahan. The souvenirs mainly include handicrafts and special sweet called “Gaz”.
6- Visit traditional bathes like Qazi Bath and have the pleasant experience of Persian bath. Qazi bath is the only Safavid bath in Isfahan that has been rebuilt for its original usage i.e. bathroom. You can do what exactly people did in that time in the bath. Aligholi Agha Bath is also very interesting. It is bath museum in which you could see ethnographic features of people in late Safavid era.

travelling isfahan
7- Visit Chehelsotoun palace, one of three palaces survived from Safavid era. Watch amazing paintings in Throne Salon (Talar Takht) each of which indicates an important historical event in Iran. It is near Naghsh-e Jahan Square, so just walk to the square from palace!
8- Visit Hasht Behesht palace, a Safavid monument built at the time of Shah Soleyman (late safavid). The architecture, paintings, tile working and calligraphy are stunning.
9- Spend at least a half day in Abyaneh village. The village is nearly familiar to world. Stay some time in this red village and enjoy the unique nature of it. Take incredible photos with women who wear special native dresses and scarf. Don’t lose it at all!
10- Try traditional Isfahani foods like Beryouni, Khoresht Mast (a dessert made by meat, sugar, yoghurt and saffron), Kashk and eggplant. We can also provide a situation in which you can see closely how these native meals are cooked. Eat and learn how to cook!
11- Go to Haj Mirza well (Azadegan tea house) behind Naghsh-e Jahan square and see whatever antique objects you ever wished in your life while drinking Doogh and Gooshfil (sour drink and a kind of sweet special to Isfahan). It is dazzling.
12- Do not forget Najvan complex including birds garden, reptiles garden and aquarium. Please choose a morning for going there to just swallow oxygen in fresh air of garden.
13- Go to Chaharbagh School; also called Madar Shah School because it was made by the order of Shah Soltan Hossein mother. The architecture and tile working is fantastic.
14- Take a walk on Chaharbagh St. and enjoy this “Green Roof” of Isfahan. Enjoy this Safavid street and its café and restaurants alongside. I suggest you to visit at night, it would be really enjoyable.
15- Try Varzaneh Desert near Isfahan. Iran is also famous for its stunning deserts part of which is located in Isfahan province. While traveling to desert you can also be familiar with their life style including Cow Well that is really amazing.
16- Try Qeysarieh Café on top of Qeysarieh Bazaar and enjoy the whole view of Naghsh-e Jahan square and take unforgettable photos while drinking Iranian teas.
17- Try Isfahan cultural plans like English theater about history of Isfahan that are held in cultural centers. Watch history of Isfahan lively.
18- Go to Menarjonban, the first anti-earthquake building of the world made in 8th century hegira. People wait hours to see the minarets shake. Try it at least once.
19- Go to Atashgah (Isfahan fire temple) and visit the monument related to 5th century BC. The only fire temple remained from Zoroastrian period. Don’t lose this chance.
20- Visit Jolfa district and Vank Cathedral in it as well as Bethlehem church. Shah Abbas the great created all the things Armenian people needed in Jolfa Quarter of Isfahan in 1590 AD to shelter them against Ottomans.
21- Visit historical bridges specially Sio-Se-pol bridge and Khajoo Bridge. Enjoy walking along them and see the dignity of history.

However…..Isfahan is definitely more than this!