Qazi Persian Bath

Qazi Persian bath located in Isfahan, on Ebnesina st. is the first old bath with a bathroom-use in Iran; it belongs to Safavid era and was rebuilt by the private sector and then exploited in 2019. The bathroom is composed of different parts including Sarbinah (a place where the person sits and wear his/her cloths), hothouse, Khazyna (a place where water is collected) and a pond each of which indicates the Iranin rich architecture in a way. One of the interesting points about the monument is that the place is used for holding important political and social meetings and even, for finding a proper spouse for boys who want to marry (like old times). They can do whatever was done in the past in public bathrooms in order to revive the old Iranian traditions and culture. By spending 1 or 2 hours in this bathroom you can enjoy the place with traditional customs. The roof is also in accordance with the old designs. The bathroom has been planned in two time parts, one for males and one for females to use.


The entrance cost for a complete package is 20 Euro per person.

For reservation, call +989134245141 or send messages on telegram or whasApp. 


Qazi persian bath 1                                                                  Qazi persian bath 2                                                                            Qazi persian bath 3