Abbasi Caravansary (Maadar Shaah)

Abbasi Caravansary (Maadar Shaah) located in 35 km of Isfahan, is one of 999 caravansaries built on the order of Shaah Abbas I in Safavid era; it was located on the way north to the destination of Isfahan for the caravans to rest during the way to the capital of time (Isfahan). The caravansary was built in order to host the foriegn guests who had political or economic travellings to Isfahan to visit the governers of the time. The place is unique in terms of design quality, extent and beauty in a way that it has taken the title of "the most beautiful caravansary". 

The complex includes some parts as: "central yard" with a fantastic architecture; "traditional restuarants" serving delicious foods for ceremonies, parties and other assemblies; "outside roofed space" for those who want to serve their meal outside in the yard; and "traditional market place" for selling handicrafts. 

For reservation, call +989134245141 or send messages on telegram or whatsApp. 



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