Moshir Al-molk Historical Cafe galley

There is a traditional house in one of the oldest streets of Isfahan which dates back to the Safavid era and Qajar dynasty. This house was actually the merge of the Safavid era work of art. This historical house is a delightful space including a library, gallery and elegant halls. The Moshir-al-molk Historical House is a monument that shines in Isfahan while reflecting the Islamic art.

Moshir-al-molk Ansari Historical House, also known as the Museum of Islamic Heritage is located in Hatef street in Isfahan. It shows some of the most valuable attractions of Islamic arts including collections of painting, calligraphy and the timeline of Islamic architecture. The Moshir-al-molk House is one of the aristocratic structures of the Safavid dynasty.


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It is open all days of week