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Visit Traditional oil-extraction Homes (Assarkhaneh)

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What is Assarkhaneh? 

It’s a place where herbal seed oil were extracted in ancient times. it includes 4 parts called Garmkhaneh, Tirkhaneh, Asiyab (miil) and store... Isfahan now has three Assarkhaneh survived from Safavid era one of which is called Assarkhaneh Shahi located in Qeysarieh Bazaar and the other one is Jamaleh Assarkhaneh we can visit them closely, it’s ammazing!


Tour Plan: 

  • Visit Jamaleh Assarkhaneh in Dardasht district of Isfahan 
  • Walking through historical texture of Isfahan in old alleys and Bazaar 
  • Going to Gheysarieh Bazaar and visit Assarkhaneh Shah 
  • Taking professional photos by Isfahan Visit photographer 
  • Eating lunch in traditional restaurant 


  • Tour services: 
  •  official tour guide 
  • transfer 
  • professional photographer
  • refreshments 

Tour Price: 10 Euro per person 


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